The Sophia Bellé trilogy

A journey into the modern but still Voodoo hautned New Orleans and a fight to the death.

Sophia Bellé special


A Sophia Bellé series short story.



Louisiana, 1953.

After her long-standing journey through the south of the United States, Louanne Arceneaus finds home in New Orleans once again. Sharing her wisdom about the dark arts with the voodoo community of the French Quarter in her library, life takes it's course until Louanne gets suddenly haunted by disturbing dreams and visions and a mysterious woman shows up in the French Quarter at that, which is seemingly after Louanne.

Delve into the New Orleans of yesteryear with this thrilling spin off and find out how Louanne Arcenaus got exiled.

Awakening - the Sophia Bellé series Vol. 3

The thrilling and for the moment final part of the trilogy is now available on Amazon - world wide.

Join the journey.

Battle is awaiting Sophia Bellé in New Orleans. Will Sophias journey across the country, together with her cousin Vincent and Kylian McBrennan, lead her to their last hope Mary-Claire Jackson? Will they be able to raise the dead, save Louanne Arceneaus and will Sophia eventually be reunited with Finley? Not forgetting Kylians dangerous deal with the lost soul Jane Ellen Fay and Skeeter Davis, reigning violently over the French Quarter and filling the world with terror. All comes down to the ultimate fight for survival, not only Sophias and her friends but also the entire city of New Orleans. Join the thrilling final and fight for New Orleans.

Possession - the Sophia Bellé series Vol. 2

The dark and gloomy second part of the trilogy. Goosebumps guaranteed.

Darkness has fallen in New Orleans. There is nothing left of the once colorful and life filled French Quarter since Sophia Bellé has gained power over the city. Nobody is safe and the only person left, trying to rescue everything is Finley Jackson. Sophia is still possessed by the dark spirits after the events in the old and abandondned factory and with a new and obscure Voodoo coven in New Orleans, Finley hast left much time. He and Louanne Arceneaus get unexpectedly help from an old acquaintance and a new found ally. But can they trust the people, they're working with and will they be able to safe Sophia in time or is the mysterious, little girl Jane Ellen Fay right when she tells Finley, that his plan won't work? Follow Sophia and Finley into their adventure in the dark and dusky corners of the French Quarter with the second book of the Sophia Bellé series.

Equilibrium - the Sophia Bellé series Vol. 1

The first chapter of the trilogy. Get to meet Sophia and follow her on her journey into the dangerous corners of New Orleans.

Sophia Bellé moves back to New Orleans, thirteen years after the tragic death of her mother, grandmother and her two aunts. Shortly after her return, she discovers a dark family secret that her father has hidden from her over the years. Sophia gets caught up in her mothers history and her life is in great danger. How far will she go to safe her life?
All that Finley Jackson ever wanted was his freedom from Maria Butterbee, but when he meets Sophia for the first time he has to admit that he can't let her get killed. He, his best friend Kylian and the mysterious Louanne Arceneaus start a dangerous two-sided game to safe Sophia. A life-and-death struggle begins in the gloomy and Voodoo dominated corners of the French Quarter.