My Granddads Journey

I definitely inherited my passion for traveling from my Grandpa. He's already seen about sixty percent of the world and at times, when it wasn't as easy to jump on a plane and fly halfway around the globe as it is right now.

He followed into the tracks of the Aborigines at the Ayers Rock in Australia, he visited the glaciers of Patagonia, swam in the crystal clear waters of the Seychelles, paid the Taj Mahal in India a visit and has even seen some cities you can't visit anymore because of war and destruction.

Some very impressive photographs emerged from those journeys around the globe, which shouldn't just simply disappear and so I'm going to share them with your.

Lean back and enjoy, together with me, a journey into my Grandfather's past.


Italy and its region Campania is one of my Granddad's favorite destinations by now and not just because Nabels is the birthplace of everyone's most loved food pizza.

No, Napels has so much more to offer.

Cliff coasts, nature and the historical city center, which is part of the UNESCO - World Culture Heritage since 1995, as well.

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In April 2006, my Granddad traveled 2.600 miles / 4.200 kilometers to Central Asia, namely into the landlocked country Uzbekistan.

A country, whose architecture is both amazing and gorgeous. Whose residents are not just peaceful but also embraced my Grandpa and his tour group and also enabled them an insight into their culture.

You will find a building with a turquoise dome above its entrance in the gallery. It is a so-called madrasah. A school where, next to the Arabic language and Quran since, are mathematics and logistic is taught.


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In 2007, my Granddad visited China. On the roof of the world, as a matter of fact. The Himalaya and Tibet's holy sites.

One of his most exhausting trips since the air was very thin and not just proverbially.

However, He was able to take unique impressions along that will accompany him the rest of his life.

But see for yourself:

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2005, my Grandpa got to visit the Republic of Myanmar, once also known as Burma, located in Asia.

Myanmar can be found right above Thailand, it abuts on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.

A stunning country with fascinating structures from another world.

The most beautiful view my Grandpa got to enjoy during this vacation was the one from the pool of his accommodation near Mount Popa. You can't miss it while checking out the gallery below, since it shows the Tuyin Taung Pagoda on top of the inactive volcano which is spotlighted by the sun.

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in 1987, my Granddad visited Yemen - mainly because he was fascinated by the country's architecture. But that wasn't the only thing that turned this journey into something special.

Those huts, pictured in this photograph, are built by the locals and they're meant to be showers right between the desert and the ocean.

After a long day on the road, my Grandpa arrived with his group at their night camp and all of them were looking forward to a shower, since they hadn't seen one in quite a while.

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You will find them in the middle of the Indian Ocean, right before Africa - the Seychelles.

Every postcard photographer's dream. A paradise filled with white sand beaches, dreamy and glassy waters and sunsets, you can hardly imagine.

2005 had been the year when my Grandpa, at the age of 69, got to enjoy this sight. But paradise also has its pitfalls as my Grandpa told me.

"It is indeed a divine country, beautiful but its residents are stricken by tourism and so ran out of steam. You get the feeling that you are supposed to spend as much money as you can and leave as quickly as possible again.".


But still, it is one of those places that make this planet even more beautiful as it already is.

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India - a Country with many faces. Splendid structures, colors, beautiful beaches and culture. But also poverty, overpopulation, mountains of trash and violence on the streets, again and again.

My Grandpa had also been torn after his journey trough India in March 2007. As much as he had seen in his lifetime, the poverty he had experienced in the streets of India had outdone all of his expectations.

Yet on the other hand all of those unbelievable castles and palaces and - of course - India's landmark: the Taj Mahal.

Yes, the Taj Mahal is actually no palace, it's a grave. Great Mogul Shah Jahan had it built in memory of his loved wife Mumtaz Mahal. There are 28 different kind of gems and semi-precious stones inset in the marble walls.

Another big example for that huge gap between the rich and the poor in India.



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