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If you're working with a company, which likes to collaborate with me as a travel blogger and author, or if you're part of a PR-agency, which brings together respective companies and travel bloggers, you're more than welcome to dip into my media kit in order to get the needed informations and I am looking forward to hear from you.

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Since I am working independently, funding my trips and journeys, I don't work for free and therefore I won't respond to requests, labelled as professional-fee free as well as requests with a short notice - many apologies.

My chosen cooperations are supposed to be authentic, close to my readers and provide a real value for my blog visitors. If you're able to align yourself, there won't stand anything in the way of our cooperation.

becoming a guest writer

You're a travel blogger yourself, having loads of tips and tricks up your sleeve? You want both of our blogs to collaborate? Your sharing your own experiences contentual? Message me then, I won't bite.

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