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Thailands schönste Strände

Wo entspannt man in Thailand am besten?

Was sind die schönsten Strände Thailands?

Thailand - eines unserer liebsten Reiseziele und das aus gutem Grund. Die Natur ist atemberaubend, das Essen einmalig, die Reisekasse wird im günstigen Asien sowieso geschont und man darf natürlich auch nicht die einmaligen Strände vergessen. Ja, die Strände..

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Time to say goodbye

Dunes of Maspalomas - Grand Canary
Dunes of Maspalomas - Grand Canary
Maspalomas - Grand Carnary
Maspalomas - Grand Carnary

I've struggled for quite some time to come to this decision. Around the globe has been more than just a hobby, it has been my baby and my stage to be able to share my travel tips, tricks and stories with you. Adding up to this, a travel blog is lots of work, sweat and tears as well as my books are but as often in life, change happens and so it did with me.

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Voted as number the one destination in Lonely Planet's top countries, Canada is a great travel destination in 2017 for a reason. Dynamic and modern cities, the welcoming Canadian mentality and both vast and epic landscapes will await you. Big plus: every overseas visitor will save some money due to the currently weak Canadian dollar. Let's take a closer look and find out what to explore in the Great White North.

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Since my first >>AirBnB bucket list<< got some great feedback, I decided to go for a part 2 'cause there are so, so many sweet, extraordinary and terrific AirBnBs around the globe. Again, there's something in it for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a low budget traveller or into more luxurious accommodations, I bet, you will find a fitting home for your next adventure.

Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

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The Mecklenburg lake district is a 6.014,4 km² big upper moraine landscape with dozens of lakes in northeast Germany and the Müritz is, as the biggest lake around Germany, part of it. Waren is a spa town located right at the Müritz and with its approximately 22.000 inhabitants one of the biggest cities in that area. In a quite short-term decision, me, my pup Peanut, my best friend Jenn and her dog Sue decided to spent an extended and very relaxed weekend in Waren.

Since both of us had been to the island Ruegen quite a lot, we wanted to see something new but still close to the water and so the winner was a pretty extraordinary AirBnB accommodation on top of the so-called Nesselberg (hill) in Waren. Namely a rebuilt, historic water tower, which was an absolute jewel. 

There are four apartments inside the water tower and ours was the one on the ground floor with a separate entrance.

The tower is located right in the middle of a small forest, which is great when you're traveling with dogs, on top the Nesselberg and has a nice lake view. Like a small witch's cottage, the steepletop outdoes the treetops, which provides a magical sight. The interior of the tower apartment is modern and tasteful with an open kitchen, a chimney, a double bed and a really spacious bathroom. Best thing is the underfloor heating, which continues in the wall of the walkable shower. You could definitely get to like this place but the >>water tower<< isn't really cheap either with 79€ (84$/£69) per night for two people, however it's absolutely worth it.

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Tasty - my favorite travel recipes

If it comes down to trying local food while traveling, I'm all in. Why would you fly to some place just to eat the same stuff, you're able to eat whenever you want while you're home? I know these certain groups of travelers, which are way to eager to get their hands on roast pork and fried potatoes – speaking for the Germans right now – once they've arrived at their travel destination but usually, those are the ones, choosing the all-inclusive tour and I am really not a big fan of that.

But I know that you aren't either and so I'll try my best to get some vacation feeling into your kitchen 'cause these recipes are damn delicious.

Poke – Pupukea, Hawaii

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There's hardly anyone, who likes to travel on a budget and hasn't heard of or tried AirBnB. People around the globe offer rooms, entire accommodations and sometimes even just a simple bed to others. The idea behind AirBnB is that you're living like the locals do and feel home right away. It's always a different experience to live somewhere instead of staying in a hotel and mostly,

the landlords offer tips and informations on your travel destination, you wouldn't get while staying in a hotel.

There are no limits on expenses when choosing AirBnB. Either if you're a low budget backpacker, looking for a cheap accommodation or you want to be on the more luxury side, AirBnB offers it all and so I decided to assemble my personal favorites in a so-called wish list and present it to you. Maybe, you'll find some inspiration for your next stay and will truly live there.

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After already introducing London in my international food guide (>>take me out for dinner<<), it's finally time to dig in deeper, 'cause despite all the prejudices about the Brits not having any kind of food culture, London has quite a few places to satisfy your hunger.

Tea time

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