Since my first >>AirBnB bucket list<< got some great feedback, I decided to go for a part 2 'cause there are so, so many sweet, extraordinary and terrific AirBnBs around the globe. Again, there's something in it for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a low budget traveller or into more luxurious accommodations, I bet, you will find a fitting home for your next adventure.

Mayne Island, British Columbia, Canada

Canada has been voted number one by Lonelyplanet in their top 2017 travel destination list for a reason. Beautiful landscapes, vivid cities and a wide variety of activities awaits you here. Mayne Island is a small isle off British Columbia's coast with approx. 1000 inhabitants. It is a great place to unwind and calm your soul from all the everyday stress.

Alexis offers her >>cob cottage<< for up to four people for roughly 101€ ($106/£88) per night. The cottage is lovingly handmade from sustainable and local materials and has a splendid garden with sheep and fruit trees. There is a bedroom with a double bed, a living room with a sleeper and a chimney, a bright and big kitchen, a nice bathroom and even a barbecue area.

Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome, as the popular saying is and they don't have to be expensive. Rome is one of Europes most interesting and ancient cities. There is the Colosseum, the Vatican, the famous Trevi fountain, the market Campo de' Fiori and – of course – delicious Italian cuisine.

Right around the corner of the city center, Claudio welcomes you to his brand new >>loft<< with space for four people, for only 50€ ($53/£43) per night.

The apartment is bright and very modern with its stylish interior and the wooden paneling. There is an open kitchen, connected with the living room, one bedroom and a clean bathroom. Two people can use the bedroom, the others use the sleeper in the living room.

London, England

As I'm always saying, one of my favorite cities around the world and I've got two great AirBnBs for you in London but the city is expensive and so are these two apartments actually not that cheap but even more special and beautiful.

The first AirBnB is a >>private room with a private bathroom<<, located in Bermondsey, near the well-known tower bridge and the river thames and if offers everything you'd expect from a modern but still very British place, which is full of nooks and crannies. One night comes at a price of 118€ ($125/£102) and there is space for two people.

The second AirBnB is also a >>private room<<, located in Greater London, near Elephant & Castle. By the way, this is the area I've been living in during my time in London and I have to say, during my visit past March, I've experienced a great boom there. The accommodation is quite unusual since it's rebuilt water tower with view of the famous London eye. All rooms are very bright and modern, with graceful furnishing. The private room is held in white and blue and offers space for two people. One nights costs 179€ ($189/£155).

Saint Martin, Saint Martin

Saint Martin is a tiny Caribbean isle and part of the small Antilles. The island is very mountainous, since its of volcanic origin and offers beautiful white sand beaches with water as clear as a crystal. The next AirBnB is Paule's >>studio<< for two people at the west side of Saint Martin and its right at the beach. The apartment has an open structure and there is a small terrace with a peachy ocean view. Best part: the whole place is only a stone's throw away from the gorgeous turquoise bay, surrounded by the mountains and several palm trees. One night comes at price of 62€ ($65/£54).

Petit-Bourg, Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe

Rum, dreamy beaches, green jungles – we're still dwelling in the Caribbean. Guadeloupe is a French overseas department and also part of the small Antilles. Plage de la Grande Anse is one of Guadeloupe's most breathtaking beaches with its wide golden yellow sand beach and the clear and calm waters. My AirBnB on Guadeloupe is right at the border of the local forest and wildlife department and it is a >>bungalow with a pool<< for two people for only 36€ ($38/£31) per night.

The bungalow is surrounded by a tropical garden, has a bright bedroom and a terrace with an outside-kitchen. C'est la vie.

Havana, Cuba

I know, I've already mentioned Havana in my last bucket list but there are so many fantastic and vintage colonial styled accommodations around the city, that one AirBnB is simply not enough.

The first one is a >>private bedroom<< in a characteristic colonial home in the middle of Old Havana, only two streets from the bay. There is space for two people and one night comes at 47€ ($50/£41).

The second AirBnB is located right in the middle of Havana, with a great view of the city. It's an vintage B&B with a >>private room, private bathroom included<<, on the second floor. Two people pay 58€ ($61/£50) per night.

Both accommodations are the characteristic compound of French doors with shutters, high and colorful walls, intriguing details and blithe simplicity. In other words: this is living like the locals do.

Monteroni d'Arbia, Tuscany, Italy

The now following AirBnB is a little more special one. Imagine the smooth rolling hills, viniculture, wide sand beaches and the smell of lemon flowers in the air. In the middle of all of this, you'll find the small village Monteroni d'Arbia with a charming castle.

Have you ever been dreaming of staying one night in a castle? Reside like the kings and queens did in past times? Well, now your time has come.

This AirBnB is actually a castle, which has been rebuilt into a bed & breakfast. Benedetto welcomes you to >>Castello di San Fabiano<<. Rent one room with a private bathroom, hearty breakfast, WiFi and swimming pool included for 125€ ($132/£104) per night.

Oia, South Aegean, Greece

A blanket of chalk buildings sprawls across the mountainous coast on the northern side of the Greek island Thira, which is a maze of narrow alleys and stairs, just broad enough for the mules, used for transportation, to fit through. There is no traffic, well, at least no cars. In front of Oia, the ocean and the harbor, filled with restaurants and cafés, extends. Blue and white, the Greek colors.

This serene sight continues at my next AirBnB – the >>cave house<<.

A traditional home, used by fishermen, which has been refurbished. Enjoy the endless view of across the ocean from the top of the cliffs. Relax with some great Greek food and relish in the glorious sunset afterwards while unwinding your body in the outside jacuzzi. There is space for up to five people at the fisherman's cave and one night comes at 255€ ($269/£221).

Facinas, Andalusia, Spain

We're still in Europe and this AirBnB is for the glampers among us. Hidden behind trees, Ananda offers his >>geodesic dome<< for two people. It's similar to an igloo just without the ice ;)

A bedroom with a wooden terrace in front of it and an outside bathroom. Wake up with a fantastic view across Andalusian landscape at the most southern tip of Spain, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar. There is a spacious guesthouse right around the corner, which can be used for cooking and from where you can see Africa. One night inside the dome costs approx. 60€ ($63/£52).

Biscayne Park, Florida, United States

Biscayne Park is a North Miami parish in Florida, close to the ocean. Biscayne Park is not overcrowded and still an insider tip in Miami. It's the perfect place to enjoy the nearly Caribbean flair and get some great seafood right at the beach. Paola invites you to her charming >>cottage<< with a tropical garden and a great pool. The studio itself is very bright and looks quite openly with the huge windows. There is a double bed, a microwave, a fridge and a small bathroom. Rest up inside the tiki hut at the pool or the pergola. One night for two people costs 83€ ($88/£72).

Bali, Indonesia

My next two places are both located on Bali. The first one is a >>treehouse<< at the Balian Beach in Selemadeg Barat and the beach is only three minutes by foot away. There is a small pool in the beautiful and natural garden. The treehouse itself has a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Balian is a characteristic surfer village with a black sand beach, surrounded by palm trees and far away from all the turmoil. There is space for two people inside the treehouse and one night costs 82€ ($87/£71).

The second AirBnB can be found in Ubud, in the middle of the local rice fields. The >>bamboo hut<< is a secluded and ecological accommodation for up to four guests. The city center of Ubud is reachable in five minutes by foot. The hut offers an elegant and modern bathroom with an outside rainforest shower. The open construction of the accommodation will bring you closer to the Balinese nature. One night comes at the expenses of 63€ ($66/£55), breakfast included.

Hanoi, Vietnam

The last AirBnB is located in the old quarter of Hanoi, which offers French-colonial architecture, a tasty food culture and interesting history. There are also several Buddhist temples and pagodas around the old quarter. Don't miss out on Hanoi's largest market Dong Xuan or the Hanoi opera house. There are also several great restaurants.

Luan offers a >>private room with a private bathroom<< with space for up to three people and for only 19€ ($20/£16) per night. The accommodation is modern and there is a shared kitchen, which can be used for cooking. Luan will provide you with helpful tips to get around Hanoi and discover the great city.

And that's it, another magnificent 15 AirBnB accommodation which should definitely be on your wish list. I'm gonna report back, when there is more ;)

Until then, happy traveling.

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