There's hardly anyone, who likes to travel on a budget and hasn't heard of or tried AirBnB. People around the globe offer rooms, entire accommodations and sometimes even just a simple bed to others. The idea behind AirBnB is that you're living like the locals do and feel home right away. It's always a different experience to live somewhere instead of staying in a hotel and mostly,

the landlords offer tips and informations on your travel destination, you wouldn't get while staying in a hotel.

There are no limits on expenses when choosing AirBnB. Either if you're a low budget backpacker, looking for a cheap accommodation or you want to be on the more luxury side, AirBnB offers it all and so I decided to assemble my personal favorites in a so-called wish list and present it to you. Maybe, you'll find some inspiration for your next stay and will truly live there.

Lisbon, Portugal

The capital city of Portugal radiates a Mediterranean flair with all-year round warm and summerly temperatures and great surf conditions. The historic tram offers rides to all important sightseeing points. Experience the life in the old city up-close or eat in one of the local “Tascas”, taverns offering great Portuguese food. One of the city's most important landmarks is the Castelo de São Jorge, a fortification with an integrated castle ruin, resting above the city and my first AirBnB is located right around the corner of it. The colorful, bright and modern apartment with a view of the river offers space for up to six guests for only 49€ ($52/£42) per night. (By the way, AirBnB rates are always in total and per night, not per person. So, if you're six people, the rate would be 8€ per night, per person.). Find Hugo's great flat right >>here<<.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the many dream islands this world has to offer with stunning beaches, great surf and Indonesian hospitality. There are two AirBnBs on Bali, I definitely want to stay in. One cheaper accommodation and a very special but more expensive one. My first AirBnB is on Lembongan Island, right at the so-called Mushroom Bay, also known as Dream Beach. 

Lembongan is a smaller island, south-east of Bali and Mushroom bay offers a stunning white-sand beach with crystal clear and turquoise water, surrounded by palm trees. This AirBnB is a small >>bungalow<< in a relaxed facility far-off the hustle and bustle with Balinese interior – breakfast included. Rate for one night and two people is 35€ ($37/£30).

The second AirBnB is a breathtaking >>bamboo house<< right by a river with space for up to 8 guests, distributed on three bedrooms. The open construction right in the middle of nature is absolutely appealing and who wouldn't want to take a bath while listening to the jungle noises? But like I said, this one isn't as cheap as Asian accommodations can be. One night is at a rate of 316€ ($333/£258).

Havana, Cuba

Despite the fact that I've already been to Havana, I definitely want to go back there one day. The atmosphere of the historic city is simply sweeping, the people are friendly and the architecture is stunning and shocking the same time. Your stay in Havana will become absolutely authentic with my next dream AirBnB, near the bay and in the middle of Old Havana, a splendid and colorful colonial-style house. The >>private room<< (private bathroom included) is available for 36€ ($38/£31) per night. Feel the atmosphere of past times and indulge in the Cuban culture and way of living.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

A tiny island in the Caribbean, 13km / 8mi off the coast of Mexico's famous vacation destination Cancùn. The Isla Mujeres looks unreal. There is no other word for it than that. Sand so white and bright as I've only seen it in Varadero, water as clear as a crystal, showing all shades of blue you could ever imagine. Palm trees providing some shade and sunsets, that turn the sky into pink postcard-kitsch.

This AirBnB is as unreal as its location and it's called >>Casa Caracol<< or simply seashell house and it actually looks like an enormous shell. There are two bedrooms and space for four people. You even got a private pool, if the ocean, which extends right in front of the accommodation, isn't enough anymore. There are beautiful details in every corner of the house as in the small bar, the shell-like curved chairs, the bathroom mirror, which is decorated with real shells, or the walkable shower. As you can see, the name of this AirBnB says it all. One night costs approx. 291€ ($307/£247), which I'm happy to pay one day.

Saint-Luce, Le Marin, Martinique

We're staying in the Caribbean and Martinique is just one of the many windward island, also known as the small Antilles. The next AirBnB is located on the south side of the island in the middle of the mountains and near one of the most beautiful beaches on Martinique. The >>cottage<< offers space for two people and only costs you 68€ ($72/£58) per night. The private terrace is featured with a pool, overlooking the bay and there is a spacious kitchen and living room.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

The Big Easy or the Crescent City is the heartbeat of the South. The French Quarter with all it's great colonial styled houses, Jazz, Bourbon, Whiskey and Voodoo. The Mississippi river, Gumbo, Beignets and the Bayou. Dozens of legends have started in New Orleans and city is a vivid mix of mystery, modern world and culture. Right around the corners of the French Quarter, Stasia offers space to four people in her characteristic New Orleans home. An entire house with turquoise shutters and a colorful likewise stylish interior awaits you for 82€ ($86/£70) >>here<<, continental breakfast even included.

Big Island, Hawaii, United States

Hawaii – dreamland of the world's best surf locations, stunningly beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, genial and welcoming locals, Polynesian culture and endless hiking routes. Big Island is the youngest and biggest one of the Hawaiian islands and home of the delicious Kona coffee. My next AirBnB can be found in the small town of Captain Cook on the westside of the island. A great >>Balinese styled cottage<<, just in walking distance from Manini Beach and with Kealakekua Bay around the corners, which is great for snorkeling.

This kinda romantic getaway for two people is surrounded by the tropical landscape and singing birds. Relax, unwind and feel the Hawaiian way of living and the Aloha for 149€ ($158/£127) per night and believe me, when I say, Hawaii is definitely worth a visit.

Miami, Florida, United States

The most southerly capital city of the United States invites you to enjoy summer all year long. Whether you want to stroll along the famous Ocean Drive, one of the best-known boulevards of America, learn more about the Spanish history of the city, delight in the tropical palm trees and white sand beach scenery at South Beach or discover the Everglades, there is a lot to enjoy in. If you want to feel the Cuban atmosphere, visit the district Little Havana. Eat breakfast at Versailles Cuban Bakery and watch the locals play domino in Máximo Gómez Park afterwards.

Right around the corner of Little Havana, at Coral Street, Allán offers you a >>room with a private bathroom<< and space for two people for 39€ ($41/£33) per night. The room is simple but bright, the shared living room is lovingly decorated and you're right in the middle of Miami.

Ratho Mill, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

This country's name sounds more like a Reggae band but there is way more to the beautiful Caribbean island. Saint Vincent is part of the small Antilles and it still an insider tip. Its Wallilabou Bay functioned as filming location for Pirates of the Caribbean and the North of the island is characterized by mountainous wilderness and volcanic landscape. Black sand beaches decorate the leeward coast. On the Southern tip of Saint Vincent, in Ratho Mill, Jenny invites you into her absolutely stunning AirBnB home. The >>studio<< offers space for two people and the best thing are the private steps to the terrific blue lagoon right at the accommodation's feet. One night comes at the expenses of 63€ ($67/£54).

Saint George, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Still on Saint Vincent and also on the southern side of the island, there is a second, neat AirBnB. A nice >>flat above a cottage<< in a lovely rose garden, with space for two people and only two minutes walking distance from the next beach. One night comes at the expenses of 68€ ($72/£58) per night. Enjoy the sunsets and wake up with the bay in front of your nose.

Cooper, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Time for everyone's childhood dream – a tree house right in the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest. Copper is located 103km / 64mi north of the capital city San José. Costa Rica's first water-national park Juan Castro Blanco is right around the corner of this AirBnB and the Pòas volcano is a two hour drive from it. Dozens of waterfalls and rivers dominate the area of the Juan Castro Blanco national park as well as a great diversity of tropic birds. Cooper itself is a bio hot springs natural park and visitors of the >>tree house<< are granted 24 hour free access to the 12 hot and cold springs and several rainforest trails. The accommodation offers space to four people with three beds and two bedrooms. Your waking up right in the middle of the rainforest, surrounded by nothing but green, palm trees and bird songs. One night costs 122€ ($129/£104).

Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri is Icelands fourth largest city and located at the Eyjafördur fjord. The capital city of the North provides a botanic garden, caving and the impressive Akureyrarkirkja cathedral. It's the perfect place to watch the natural spectacle of the northern lights and enjoy the vastness of the Icelandic nature. In the middle of all of it, Petur makes his >>modern apartment<< for four guests available. It supplies an amazing view of the surrounding mountains and fjord. The inside is also an architectural and colorful highlight. One night comes at a price of 170€ ($180/£145).

There are tons of great places offered but these are my top 12 accommodations on AirBnB. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do and maybe, you'll stay in one of them during your next adventure.

Until then, happy traveling.

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