The weather is cold and mostly grey, I got the flu and winter is on its best behavior. As I'm working on the great connection between my hot-water bottle and I, pouring tea followed buy even more tea down my sore throat, my mind is drifting off into those memories of places I'd rather be right now – stunning beaches around the world.


As you can see, I'm already sounding kinda melodramatic ;) So enough of it, lets better get started with my top ten favorite beaches.

10. Barendorf, dassow, germany


Alright, alright, I have to admit it, I've never been to the German Baltic Sea before I moved to Berlin. Only then, back in 2010, my best friend Jenn and I drove to the Baltic Sea for the first time and I never expected Germany to have such a beautiful coastline. Okay, it's not as warm as somewhere in the Caribbean, there aren't any palm trees and it can get kinda windy but there are beautiful white sand beaches, the clear ocean and the people are friendly. Barendorf is kinda difficult to find but the perfect place to be, especially during low season, with friends, family and dogs. The long and extensive beach invites you to watch the ferries approaching the harbor of Travemünde.

9. kamaole beach park, kihei, maui, hawaii

The Kamaole Beach Park in Kihei itself is quite crowded with tourists. It's not completely overrun but for what I am used to, it felt crowded. Nevertheless, it is a great beach with find soft golden sand, unbelievably clear waters and a terrific view of the Puu Kukui Volcano. Perfect sunset spot on Maui too.


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8. Playa Carillo, Sámara, Costa Rica


2,5 miles / 4 kilometers from Sámara, you'll find Playa Carillo. Palm trees are lining up along this beautiful beach with stunning blue water. It is a very calm and quiet beach except for Sundays. That's when all the locals gather at the beach with their families and enjoy some BBQ's and fun free times. Following after the first parking area, between the split road, is a small bridge across the mangroves. This is a great spot to watch some crocodiles.

7. playa santa teresa, mal pais, costa rica


First of all: It's not that easy to get there. Mal Pais lies nearly at the top of the Guanacaste peninsula at Costa Rica's Pacific shore and the only roads leading there are dirt roads. So, bring some time but it's totally worth it. A small surfer village, a white sand beach, the bright blue ocean provides perfect waves for surfers, palm trees perfect the whole picture. Fantastic area.

6. playa buena vista, sámara, costa rica


One of the loneliest beaches I know and it's amazing. 5 minutes afoot from the Hotel Flying Crocodile (find my favorite accommodations in Costa Rica >>here<<), a small dirt road will open up into a miles long beach. The Guanacaste mountains and the jungle in the back, the ocean in front of you and hardly anyone else there to interrupt the unwinding silence. A true gem in paradise. If you want to surf, you'll will have to line up to yourself most of the time. The only thing missing is a little more shade.

5. banzai pipeline, pupukea, oahu, hawaii


I probably don't have to say much about the seven-mile-miracle at the famous North Shore with Pipeline as a part of it. Thick and golden sand will await you. Turquoise waves that you probably shouldn't hop on if you haven't been surfing for years. A very relaxed and special atmosphere. Palm trees in the back and a beautiful sunset every evening.

4. shark's cove, pupukea, oahu, hawaii


Awesome volcano reef right at the beach which is great for snorkeling. The water is so glassy, it's like the fish are swimming right in the air. It's a little crowded but awesome nevertheless.  

3. playa barrigona, sámara, costa rica

Road to Barrigona
Road to Barrigona


A hidden gem near the small fisher's village Sàmara. Also known as “the white beach” and as “Mel Gibson beach”, since Mel Gibson has owned a property right behind the beach. (He's still trying to sell that one, so if you need a great beach home... ;) ) The beach itself is a local insider tip. The road to get there is a real adventure but you can also hike from nearby Playa Buena Vista. 

Surrounded by the amazing nature, you're relaxing on a well, you probably guessed it, white sand beach. The water is crystal clear but the waves and the rip currents are very strong there, so be careful.  

2. Sunset beach, pupukea, oahu, hawaii



The name already reveals it. Sunset beach is probably one of the best spots across the North Shore to enjoy one of those beautiful sunsets. The beach itself is also a special one. It has a quite steep drop to the ocean, which provides as a natural stand to watch the surfers in the water. The sand itself is also very heavy and has a beautiful golden yellow color. The water is pretty turquoise. The shore break can also get very heavy at Sunset and is awesome to watch. Everything turns even better when the sun sets and colorizes the scenery in a bright pink.

1. Varadero

Varadero is a true Caribbean paradise. Sand so white and soft, you'll get blinded by it. Palm trees in the back and the ocean showing off all shades of blue you could ever imagine, plus the water is so clear, it's like you're floating in the air. A bright blue sky on top of it all. It's the perfect place to unwind and relax and the only thing you can catch there is a sunburn ;)

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So, those are my top ten beaches around the world. There are so many more to discover and I know for sure, that I'll try to visit all of them, because if there's one thing you can never get enough of, it's a beautiful beach.


Until then, happy traveling.