Your bags are packed, the pleasant anticipation increases and your vacation awaits you. Whether your flight is booked or your car fueled up, you'll need one thing that will make your trip perfect. Exactly - the right music.


Today, I'll be sharing some of my favorite songs for traveling and I hope, I can make your next trip even more entertaining with the right music for the right moment.

Barbecue at the beach and sunset music

You're somewhere in the tropics, enjoying a late evening at the beach. Sand between your toes, warm sea air, the last rays of the setting sun touching your face – the right place to unwind. Whether you're having a good time with a whole bunch of friends, you're on your own, just with a small group of people or two by two, this is the ideal music to watch the sunset, sit at the bonfire and see the day off.

  • Jack Johnson – If I had eyes / Jack Johnson – You & your heart

Born in Hawaii and as an ex pro surfer, Jack Johnson is simply predestined to deliver the fitting beach songs.


  • Blackbird Blackbird – Hawaii (Niva Remix)

The genre of musician and producer Mikey Maramag is kinda hard to classify but the dreamy dynamism of his song is hard to resist.


  • The Naked and Famous – Young blood

There isn't much to say to this one, just listen and you'll get carried away.


  • Kygo – Here for you (instrumental)

Famous for being one of the cofounders of the genre tropical house, Kygo is known around the world and such as the name of this genre does reveal, it's absolute summer music. This one, especially without the vocals, will perfectly accompany the sun as it sets into the ocean.


  • M83 – Midnight city


A French electronic and so-called dreampop band that delivers the music for your last beer at the beach that is second to none.

Music for the road

Imagine a bright summer day, an empty highway, car windows down, the air runs through your hair and you're on your way to your next destination. It doesn't matter how long it's gonna take to get there, because you've got all the time in the world. Sheer freedom and a picture-perfect road trip. The only thing than can add up to that is a soundtrack with no ups and downs, only highs, just like Barney Stinson once reached.

  • Beatsteaks – Summer

Based in Berlin and once one of my favorite bands. The title says it all and the sweeping music does the rest.


  • Sponge – Plowed

From 1994 and still a gem


  • Joan Jett – New Orleans

It's not the ultimate road trip, if Joan Jett – the queen of rock 'n' roll - isn't present.


  • The Heavy – How you like me now

A British indie rock band from south west England with a whole lotta soul in their bones.


  • The Wanton Bishops – Sleep with the lights on

I actually discovered this song while watching a clip from pro surfer Jamie O'Brien's web series 'Who is J.O.B', when he was surfing in Mexico. Since then, I'm connecting 'Sleep with the lights on' with vacation. Dunno why, probably because of all the palm trees, the beach and the ocean ;)


  • Florence & the Machine – Dog Days

Such a great voice and an equally great song.


  • The Pretty Reckless – Messed up world

I know this band has a quite a bad reputation for their sometimes kinda extreme songs but I think that Taylor Momsen has an amazing voice and this song is just rock 'n' roll and ready for the road.


  • Kongos – Hey I don't know

A South African alternative rock band and this sweeping beat will get stuck in your head.


  • Cornershop – Brimful of Asha

Also an oldie from 1997 but also a golden one. Brimful of Asha will always lift up your mood.


  • The Barr Brothers – Half Crazy


This blues and folk duo brings the Dixieland sound to their home Canada.

Don't worry, if your not that much into any kind of rock, I've got something for you as well. A little mixture of hip hop and summery house.

  • Freischwimmer & Dionne Bromfield – Ain't no mountain high enough

Great remix of the well-known soul song.


  • The Notorious B.I.G. – Can I get witcha (Paxel remix)

Hip Hop and tropical house do work out together. A cheerful and not too intrusive remix of this legend.


  • The Notorious B.I.G. Feat. Ja Rule – Old thing back (Matoma Remix)

Another very good and fitting example for a great hip hop and electronic music combination.


  • Seeed – Deine Zeit

A very famous dancehall and reggae band from Berlin. You may not understand the vocals of this one but their beat doesn't need understanding.


  • Blumentopf – SoLaLa

Also a German band but from Bavaria, producing hip hop and a great sound as well.


  • Panama – Destroyer

An electronic band from Sydney. Generating music with a very engaging and kind of dreamy flow.


  • Octopi – Boa / Octopi – Reefer blues

A reggae band from Costa Rica with a slight and cheerful rock impact.


  • Buddy Akai – Cut me up (Villains Remix)


A little faster piece of electronic rock 'n' roll. Great and interesting mix.

And that's about it. My summer-travel-roadtrip-soundtrack. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do and found some great songs which are now stuck in your head, lighting up the grey and dark winter days.


Until then, happy traveling.