BEST OF 2016

Okay, let's be honest, nobody really liked 2016. It's been a hell of a year. Dozens of terrorist attacks, Donald Trump being elected as the new President of the United States - no offense everyone, we all know that Hillary Clinton neither wasn't the best choice but come on, that guy thinks Paris is located in Germany. David Bowie died. Prince died. Brexit.


2016 grabbed us all by the, well, you know what I'm talking about and I could go on quite longer with this list but let's wave goodbye with some of the few moments that brought some light into the darkness and most of mine happened – of course – during traveling.

The facts

  • I've traveled 26.321,03mi / 42.359,59km beeline.

Well, I'm anticipating a little. There are 138,64 mi / 223,49 km beeline from my hometown Landshut in Bavaria to a tiny village in the Austrian Styria included, where I will be spending a few days around New Year's Eve.

  • I've had 22 flights and spent 70 hours and 8 minutes in the air
  • I've set foot in 5 different countries and 2 continents.
  • I've been to 3 States in the US.
  • I've experienced 5 different time zones.

And last but not least,


  • I've sat on 17 different beaches around the world.

My favorite moments

  • Strolling along the River Thames in London during a rainy evening.


It doesn't sound as fun as it actually is, because who likes rain? London is always crowded and so there is nothing better to experience the city with as less tourists as possible. London is huge but nothing beats the walk along the River Thames in the evening, starting at Big Ben, passing by the London Eye, Blackfriars, Millennium Bridge, the Tower Pier and finally ending at Tower Bridge, experiencing the city lights at night. It's somehow calming and with a little rain, there are even less tourists outside once you're going for a walk.

  • Watching the sunset on a Catamaran in the Golfo de Papagayo.


The Golfo de Papagayo is located near Playas del Coco, upon the Pacific Coastline of Costa Rica's peninsula Guanacaste. I am a total sucker for sunsets and nothing beats an unwinding boat ride on a sunny day and the following, spectacular view on the sun as it drowns in the ocean.

  • Seeing the rainforest from above.


Walking across the hanging bridges in the middle of the Monteverde mountains in Costa Rica has also been a moment to remember and those kinda outdated and squeaky bridges are making it even more fun.

  • Treetop walk on Ruegen.

A bright and sunny day, at a level of 55 ft / 17m, seeing across the island of Ruegen has absolutely been one of my top moments during 2016.

  • A beach day with my dogs.


I could definitely watch Peanut forever digging his way through to New Zealand while being at the uncrowded beach of the Baltic Sea on a sunny day.

  • Watching the sunset at Pipeline.


This was one of the best birthday gifts I ever got. Hawaii. Famous Pipeline. A delicious Acai bowl and the sky on fire in the backdrop. Splendid way of ending the day and who else can say that they've eaten their birthday cake with their best friend on top of a tree in the Hawaiian mountains? ;)

  • The Hawaiian Pro.


I've always wanted to see a professional surf contest and I am so stoked that I got to see the Pro's do their thing at the Hawaiian Pro, one of the most important surf-contests during the world championship.

  •  Surfing on Maui.


First time I sat foot on a surfboard had been nearly four years ago in Costa Rica and I wouldn't say I'd ever be able to beat Kelly Slater but I really enjoyed it and when we've been on Maui, we've spent two awesome hours in the water surfing. Not the biggest waves, I've ever seen but so much fun.


  • Waterfall chasing at Waimea Valley.

The water in the natural preserve had been absolutely freezing but had been forgotten very quickly. We had to wear life vests and didn't know why until we felt the sheer power of the water, fighting us while we tried to reach the waterfall. I nearly broke my finger while climbing on top of the slippery rocks, next to the waterfalls but it was totally worth it. Jumping into the water and letting yourself flow – best feeling ever!

And 2017?

Well, there aren't any specific travel plans for the upcoming year but I know for sure that I will probably hang around the Costa Rican jungle for a couple of days. Maybe I'll jump into a blue geothermal lagoon in Iceland, or I'll be chasing temples in Cambodia, who knows but what I know for sure is, that there are still plenty of places that I want to see and experience and that'll be carrying on with sharing any helpful tips, tricks and memorable moments with you.


Until then, happy traveling.