in 1987, my Granddad visited Yemen - mainly because he was fascinated by the country's architecture. But that wasn't the only thing that turned this journey into something special.

Those huts, pictured in this photograph, are built by the locals and they're meant to be showers right between the desert and the ocean.

After a long day on the road, my Grandpa arrived with his group at their night camp and all of them were looking forward to a shower, since they hadn't seen one in quite a while.

But that didn't work out as all of them imagined it. The water tanks, providing the water for those showers are exposed to bright sunlight all day and so the water had heated up to 113°F / 45°C and so nothing else remained to be done for Grandpa and his friend but to enjoy the sunset at the ocean and postpone their shower since nobody wanted to get blisters from showering too hot.

But that wasn't the only thing that rankled with my Grandpa. No, also the Yemenis hospitality.

The group had been invited to enjoy some hot mocha in one of the local's tent. Something, nobody would ever say no to. The only problem was, that the cups all of them got for their mocha, had a rounded bottom, so my Grandpa couldn't set it on the table. As soon as he nearly emptied his cup, he got a refill from a friendly smiling local.

"I already broke out in sweat and my heart was racing from all the caffein but I didn't want to treat the Yemenis hospitality with contempt and so I drank one cup after another as I tried to make the man understand that I was done with my mocha and he was still refilling with a smile. Our tour guide eventually enlightened us laughingly with the fact that the only thing I had to do was to place the cup upside down on the bottom plate. This would be the official sign for 'thank you, I've had enough'. Well, he couldn't miss the chance on mocking me".