India - a Country with many faces. Splendid structures, colors, beautiful beaches and culture. But also poverty, overpopulation, mountains of trash and violence on the streets, again and again.

My Grandpa had also been torn after his journey trough India in March 2007. As much as he had seen in his lifetime, the poverty he had experienced in the streets of India had outdone all of his expectations.

Yet on the other hand all of those unbelievable castles and palaces and - of course - India's landmark: the Taj Mahal.

Yes, the Taj Mahal is actually no palace, it's a grave. Great Mogul Shah Jahan had it built in memory of his loved wife Mumtaz Mahal. There are 28 different kind of gems and semi-precious stones inset in the marble walls.

Another big example for that huge gap between the rich and the poor in India.