As inconvenient as it is, it is Monday – yet again.Alarms went off, people have been crawling out of their beds and back behind their desks or whatever their workplace might be, myself included and yet, it has been a great weekend.

Last Wednesday, the very spontaneous decision to back up our bags, grab the dogs and spent the weekend at the beach had been made by me and my best friend Jenn.

The weather forecast promised blue skies, sunshine en masse, warm late summer temperatures and autumn definitely delivered.

Our little short trip started at Friday midday and around three pm, we arrived on the peninsula Mönchgut of the island of Rügen. We moved into our little holiday apartment close to the southern beach and went to the beach right afterwards, enjoying the sun and serving as Peanuts human all-round entertainer. A procedure that repeated itself through the whole weekend, except for the usual hike through the natural reserve on late Saturday afternoon.

I got a little sunburned, I got bitten by mosquitos, I had the opportunity to enjoy and photograph the beautiful starry sky once again, I felt sand between my toes, I intended to swim in the baltic sea, decided that it was too cold as sissy as I am, I enjoyed the view and the relieving quiet, escaped the big city fuss and – most important of all – I was able to relax.

But to be honest, it took me a while to arrive and get my mind off the job and this was when the not all that genuine idea of spontaneous short trips by medical prescription came to my mind.

During the past seventeen month, I've published five books, wrote dozens of travel articles, officially started my own business and fought quite a few fights, learning what it really means to be self-employed and I'm telling you, it is not as romantic as it sounds.

Yes, of course I'm able to work whenever I want to and wherever I want to. I am able to fly to Costa Rica, visit my aunt and work on my book while relaxing in a hammock. I can pack up my bags, when my travel budget allows me to do so, because I can take my workplace with me. All I need is my laptop, my camera and an internet connection. But that's the thing.

It becomes harder to relax and stop thinking about the job, if you're self-employed and YOU are the only one responsible for having enough money to pay the rent at the end of the month. There is always something to think about, to write, to make notes of, to post about and to check and sometimes, you can easily forget that weekends are mostly meant to be relaxing and holidays should be holidays in order to regain creativity and prevent from feeling all drained.

Writing as a job is much more than just sitting in a nice café for a few hours, typing down pages with ease. It's about creating something people could enjoy and really want to read. Something that's thrilling, somehow new but still interesting and fascinating enough to be worth publishing. It's about reinventing oneself over and over again and let's not forget about the dull but still necessary paperwork, the setbacks you receive, the fake proposals of people who call themselves professionals that you have to separate from the one's that aren't fake, the social media, the public relations, the formatting, the editing, and so on and so forth.

You see, there's a lot behind it, if you want to be an Author on a professional basis who is taken seriously by the public and not just wants to publish the next weird and cheap copy containing a badly written story about a vampire, who doesn't want to sparkle anymore but becomes a wizard through acting out a rarely sexual fetish – not that I've seen that one yet but I'm pretty sure it's existing somewhere – and who doesn't care if the readers like it or not.

I love my job, I love writing and I love sharing it with you but sometimes those little short trips are really needed between everything else that is happening on a daily basis. It's necessary to get your mind off your job, fill up your batteries and remind yourself that a job is still just a job and not something that is occupying every single minute of your life. So, pack your bags, jump behind the steering wheel or on a plane, start relaxing while I'm preparing a petition in order to get short trips on medical prescription and if you have to wait until next weekend, I'm gonna help you out with some photos of beach weekend.

Until then, happy traveling.

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