hey are still existing. Those little hideaways where you can get comfy with your dog. Where you don't have to be afraid of animal traps behind the next tree or toxic baits. No dog-haters insulting you for just trying to have a good time with your pup.

But you still have to leave Berlin in order to find that place called Ruhlsdorf. There, at the Bernstein-lake, the world is still in order.

Either you're visiting the bathing beach, where dogs aren't allowed – understandably – or you're taking the short hike through the woods, ending up at the other verge of the lake.

This is where dogs are still officially allowed to enjoy the water together with their humans.

The water of the lake is incredibly clear. Probably because people are still making sure to not leave any waste around here. No plastic wrapping leftovers and dog owners take care of dirt their dog leaves behind. It's a relaxed togetherness you won't find in Berlin. Just have a look at the lake at Arkenberge.

Tons of trash left behind by the hundreds of people enjoying their summer evenings and it's not even possible to visit if you're having a dog. There are animal traps everywhere and baits, primed with poison or razor blades.

So, I'm really hoping that the Bernstein-lake stays as it is in the future and people enjoy it together in chime, taking care of the nature around them. Dog-owners as well as other visitors. Everybody is welcome here and nobody is bothered by the other ones.

It's a great opportunity to find some recovery from the city life if you don't want to drive hundreds of miles to the baltic sea or find someone to take care of your dog, so you can enjoy a holiday further afar.

So, enjoy the late summer in autumn and let Peanut show you the area.

Until then, happy traveling.