Sønderborg – that was the Danish city's name, I've visited for one day last year, not far from the German border. Twenty-five miles/forty kilometers to be exact.

So, what are you expecting, when you're visiting Denmark? A funny language nobody but the Danish understand, Water, Nature and colorful cabins. Did I cover all stereotypes for starters? I guess so.

Well, if you're that close to the German border, you probably shouldn't expect massive scenic and architectonic changes but still, there is some Scandinavian feeling on the other side.

Despite the fact that it was pretty hot on the day that I've crossed the border.

Sønderborg is located at the Flensburg Fjord, is the capital of the region, boasts a nice harbor with some pretty sailing boats, has a beach section and actually, it's quite picturesque there.

You're wandering along the wharf on the wooden panels, cross the park and enjoy the flair of the city.

To top the picture off, there was a tiny fair on the square next to the Sønderborg Slot (fortress).

All of the rides were manmade from all kinds of different items you're using on a daily basis. The seats of the small ferris wheel had been made of toilet bowls and one of the employees, probably the poor intern, had to crank so the kids could start their rounds. There was also something similar to a swing carousel and pretty much all of the rides rather looked like art.

However, our cheerfulness hadn't been of long continuance. We were a group of six people and at some point, our hunger drove us into one of the restaurants.

After this visit, I had finally been able to understand how Americans must feel when they come to Germany, experiencing the differences in price up close.

Everyone of us ordered something to drink, a few chose fries with two – homemade – dips, the other ones ordered a piece of cake.

Don't get me wrong. It tasted good, our waiter was absolutely nice and their was proper service but when we ordered the bill, all of us nearly got knocked our sock's off.

78 Dollars/70 Euros for four people and another 39 Dollars/35 Euros for two people.

Thirty-nine Dollars.

One serving of fries, a cold drink, a piece of cake and a coffee.

For two people.

You have to savor that slowly. I can get that and even more for only 17 Dollars/15 Euros in Berlin.

Of course, let's not forget that Danish people earn more money than the average German but still, all of us had to swallow. That had been my most expensive lunch ever.

So, never forget: if you want to visit Denmark, stock up your travel budget because it won't be cheap. Other than that, I had a spent a relaxed day in Denmark. The locals were really nice and it was worth the day trip. The further you're driving into the country, the more you'll see but if you just want to jump across the border and say 'hi', I can recommend Sønderborg – as long as you don't forget your wallet at home ;)

Until then, happy traveling.

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