Today, everything's about great food and some of the best restaurants, I've experienced, during my journeys around the globe. We're off to eat burgers in Texas, there's Mexican food in New York and afterwards, we're visiting a traditional diner, followed by some healthy fast food in London and fish in Costa Rica.

costa rica

And Costa Rica is the place we're going to start our food journey. First, we're off to Manuel Antonio, four miles / seven kilometers south of Quepos on the pacific coast. You will find a restaurant called El Avión there. You can hardly miss it, since it's the only restaurant in the area, built around an old airplane. You can not just sit inside the cargo are of the airplane, that inhabits a bar, but also on the beautiful terrace, facing a stunning view across the cliffs on the ocean. It's a pretty rad spot to watch the sunset.

Our waiter was incredibly nice and did not just speak Spanish but also English. Admittedly, you should eat a lot of fish while your in Costa Rica, 'cause it's simply good there, however, I've tried the chicken sandwich at the El Avión at it was damn tasty. The price was surprisingly limited with only eleven dollars. But I'd always recommend you to pay in colones, when you're going out for lunch or dinner in Costa Rica. As a tourist, you'll get a poor exchange rate if you're paying in dollars, most of the time.

Continuing to Playa Santa Teresa, nearly at the top of the Guanacaste peninsula. A bit further below Santa Teresa, you will find the Nativo Sports Bar. Make some time, if you want to eat there. It was pretty crowed and we had to wait for our food quite some time but it was definitely worth the wait. You have to try the fish with jalapeño-cheese-sauce.

A bit more up and along the coast of the peninsula, you'll end up at Esterones – a really small village. Aside from my aunts food at the Flying Crocodile, which is the best food around there - family self-promotion is always allowed ;) - you can go out for dinner at the Ferreteria Coyote. It's a tiny, local restaurant. Huge servings – don't ever think you'll able to handle the nachos on your own – super tasty and fresh fish and a nice atmosphere. But once again, make sure that you've got enough time on your hands. That's pura vida.

Another ten miles / seventeen kilometers up the coast, at Playa Garza, you'll find, right next to the parking lot and at the beach, a small restaurant, you wouldn't even identify as one. But you'll recognize it by its handmade seating furnitures and tables, made of driftwood by the owner himself and that's the place, where I've eaten the best fish of my life. I don't even know what kind of fish it was. The dish is just called 'fish in white sauce' but it tastes so unbelievably good. Besides, you got this wonderful view on the nearly empty beach of Garza right in front of your nose.


Onward to the city, that never sleeps – New York City. You can find the Mexican festival at west broadway 2672, corner of 102nd street. The Mexican festival restaurant offers, as the name already tells you, traditional, Mexican food. There are different offers for lunch and dinner as well as a appetizer and dessert menu and a brunch. This restaurant is mid-priced but on the other hand, you have to go to McDonalds, if you want to eat cheap in Manhattan. I ate Sabana de Pollo Rollo – chicken with cheese and vegetables – for twenty-three dollars / twenty euros and it was really tasty. The servings were big enough, so we didn't have to leave hungry and there was also guacamole served to our dinner, freshly prepared right at our table. Unfortunately, I have to add, that our waiter wasn't the most friendly one I've ever met but the great food made up for this.

Next stop is the traditional Metro Diner on upper west side, 2641 broadway, corner of 100th street. The diner doesn't just look from the outside like it's straight out of the fifties. The service was friendly and the servings were huge. I can recommend the french toast for breakfast and the spinach burger. This restaurant is also mid-priced but as I already mentioned – who wants to go out for dinner in Manhattan, has to put some dollars down. But you also get your money's worth at this place. There are pancakes with fresh fruits offered, pie, fish and also sandwiches among other things.

We're staying inside of the United States, traveling to Texas. If your looking for a place to eat great burgers, Texas would be your state of choice. But the best burger, I've had there, wasn't in any restaurant in some kind of city or village. No, funnily enough, it was at the Houston international airport. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you, I've really racked my brain and searched the food court on the internet but I just can't remember the name of the damn restaurant. However, I am pretty sure that we've took off from terminal D and as well that I had a chicken burger. It's like the story about the best burger of all times, that Marshall from how I met your mother had ever eaten but couldn't find anymore: I still know exactly what the restaurant looked like (it had dark wooden interior, appearing like an old bar), that the burger tasted really awesome and that it wasn't too expensive. So, if somebody knows what I'm talking about, you're more than welcome to help out with a hint. Otherwise, I'm sending you off on the search after the best burger at Houston airport.


From the United States, we're back to Europe and this time, I'm even telling you about two restaurants located in Berlin. One in Kreuzberg and the other one in Prenzlauer Berg. The first one is called Mirchi and located right next to the underground station Görlitzer Bahnhof (U1), Oranienstr. 204 and offers Singapore styled kitchen. Surrounded by Asian atmosphere, you can enjoy the best mango lassi Berlin has to offer. The lunch menu is from 12 pm till 5 pm and you'll get a soup as an appetizer, an entree and one naan bread for only 5.50 Euros / 6 dollars. For the vegetarians among yourselves, I'm recommending the Cheese Penang – homemade cream cheese with curry-sauce and vegetables. For the carnivores, I'm recommending either the Chicken Karma (you won't find that one on the today's menu) or the Chicken Gaeng.

We're keeping it Asian, since my second recommendation is the Thai Aroma, located at the Dunckerstr. 18, inside of the Helmholtz-neighborhood in Prenzlauer Berg. You'll get some Thai food there, of course, and some Vietnam styled dishes as well. The restaurant itself is pretty small, only a few seating possibilities outside, but the food is all the better. You'll only pay 6 euros / 6.70 dollars for a dish on average. I suggest the pineapple-mince-shake and the lychee sprite, as an entree the tofu in hot garlic sauce or the chicken with vegetables in massaman-curry-sauce among other things.

From Berlin, we're jumping across the channel to London. Yes, the English people have places, where you can find tasty food. I'm sending everyone, who's traveling to London to Pret A Manger. I'm pretty sure, most of you already heard about Pret, you can hardly miss it since Pret A Manger can be found on almost every corner around London. You'll get a different kind of fast food there, namely a freshly prepared and healthy one. Next to sandwiches, they offer soups, a breakfast menu, fruits and salad. You should try the steel cut oatmeal with honey for breakfast. Best sandwich is a classic, the matured cheddar and if you need something hot for lunch, I recommend the sweet potato & curry cauliflower quinoa rice pot, carrot cake for dessert. Pret A Manger is hardly an insider's tip, I am pretty sure about that, but it tastes just that good and is way better than any other fast food you could ever get in London.

If you're in Camden town, you should definitely eat your way through the food court of the horse stables market. They offer the best sprouts, I've ever eaten. Everyone will say now 'God, sprouts, nobody likes that!' - I usually don't like it either – but those sprouts, prepared by the Asians with other vegetables, are the best ones you can get. They're really worth a try. But don't worry, the food court is not just sprouts. Food from around the world is offered, freshly prepared by the traders.

And that's about it. My best food tips around the globe. I'm really hoping, you'll find something that will satisfy your hunger.

Until then, happy traveling.

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