It's the last round of my travel-duel Costa Rica against Ruegen island in Germany and this time we're talking about the time when the official tourism is gone. The so-called low season.

Green season in Costa Rica versus off-season on Ruegen

Costa Rica's green season starts mid-April and lasts till November, with July as the so called small summer, where the rain lessens. Lots of people don't want to travel during rainy season because of, well, because of the rain. But I'd say that it would be the best season to go. Due to climate change, the seasons shift in Costa Rica and if it's raining, it's not like you're drowning. Well, could happen to you if you go in September or October, those month usually really suck.

There isn't much tourism, when you're flying to Costa Rica during low-season. If you're traveling around the pacific area, you don't have to pre-book your hotel room. You can walk-in and maybe even get a cheaper price. Usually all of the hotels have some free space and are happy to have some guests. But be aware, if it rains, it really does pour and mostly, there's lightning with the rain. So you may have to include that into your travel plans but despite that, it's a really great sight to see. It's loud, it's heavy and it's not comparable to German rainy weather. Most of the time, it starts raining in the afternoon for a hour or two or in the middle of the night.

Once, I experienced a really heavy thunderstorm. It lasted the whole night – eight hours. Circling above us and loading up over the ocean. There was a power outage, as well as a water outage and the next morning, the air was pretty humid. The dirt road turned into rivers and it was quite adventurous but that was it. I've never experienced something as heavy as that ever again in Costa Rica. There was rain, there was lightning but never too long or too much.

Another big plus, besides the cheaper hotels and fewer tourists are the colors. After everything dried out during high season, the whole pacific part of the country turns from brown into every shade of green you could ever imagine. Flowers are springing everywhere, you're able to watch the sea turtles crawl onto the beach and lay their eggs as well as the whales coming closer to the beaches.

I really love Costa Rica during green season and, in my opinion, it's way better to go then, than during dry season.

Ruegen has an off-season as well. It starts in November and ends in March. Some of the restaurants are closed and there aren't as much activities as during high season but there is the same benefit as in Costa Rica – fewer tourists and a snow covered beach can be quite scenic. If you're traveling with dogs, there's also the advantage that you can turn him on the loose on more of the beaches than during high season. When you're visiting Goehren during pre-christmas season, there's a cute little christmas market on the beach.

But it can get very cold. There's lots of wind close to the baltic sea and you really have to wrap yourself into several layers of clothes in order to not get a cold. And it can be very rainy.

So, this time, I'm giving my final point to Costa Rica. Ruegen can also be very relaxing and quiet during low-season, even cheaper but it really is cold there and not much to do, if you're not brining a dog to entertain you on the beach. Costa Rica, on the other hand, is a stunning sight to see. Beautiful nature, animals and you're able save some money when you're going there during green season.

And that's it. The last round of my travel-duel is over. Costa Rica wins with three points against Ruegen with two points. Doesn't mean Ruegen isn't a good idea to visit, it's a small paradise on the German coastline but Costa Rica is something different. Something, you'll never forget.

Until then, happy traveling.